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Welcome to Madurai Acme Enterprises (p) LTD

Madurai Acme Enterprises (P) Ltd. was promoted by late Mr.R.Sesha Sayee in 1966. It is earnestly followed by the descendants. We are leading manufacturers of Rubber Rollers, Rubber Profiles and Moulded Rubber Parts suitable to all industries. Our experience and technical know-how in the rubber filed counts back to FOUR DECADES. Our factory is well equipped with latest machinery and we also have laboratory testing facility to test raw materials and finished products. We are accredited with ISO 9001 – 2008 certification. We are also awarded the Best Small Scale Industry in southern part of India.


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  • For polythene, polypropylene film extrusion machines, Gum-tape machinery Flexographic Ebonite Rollers machine, etc.
  • Stereo Rubber
  • Rubber Runners for paper feeding
  • Rubber Rollers and Ebonite Rollers


  •  Rubber Rollers for Damping, Inking, Varnishing, Flexographic etc.
  •  Ebonite Rollers
  •  Rubber Runners for paper feeding
  •  Rubber Parts for various printing machines viz
  •  Treadle, Off-set, Litho, Tin Printing, Cylinder, Ruling, Varnishing etc. of different makes.


  •  Rubber Branding Pads for Sack Printing
  •  Rubber Rollers for Sack Printing Machines
  •  Rubber Coupling Bushes (Cylindrical, Corrugated, metal-clad, Tire type and other special shapes)
  •  Conveyor Rubber Rollers - Rubber Diaphragms - Trolley Wheels
  •  Rubber Spouts for cement filling machines
  • Skirt Rubbers


  •  Rubber Rollers for Mercerizing, Squeezing, Blow Room conveyors, Dye house etc.
  •  Ebonite Rollers
  •  Rubber Expander Sleeves
  •  Trolley Wheels
  •  Rubber Bumpers for Looms
  •  Synthetic Rubber Pickers
  •  Rubber Moulded Parts to Specifications
  •  Rubber-Metal Bonded Parts


  •  Besides. We extend our service to the following industries too.
  •  Ceramic Factories, Rexin Factories, Tannery, Agricultural Machinery Workshops, Dairy, Chemical Industries etc. and we supply in general the following components to suit the needs of various industries.
  •  Rubber Sheets Rubber Bellows
      Rubber Cords Rubber Grommets
      Rubber Strips Rubber Gaskets
      Rubber Extrusions Rubber Sleeves
      Rubber 'O' rings Rubber Insulation Mats
      Rubber Solid Tyres Rubber Pads
      Antivibration mounts Continuous Rubber Mats
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